Saturday, 8 June 2013

Variety is the spice of life

Go on admit it, we all love a good motivational quote or two! When I go into visit the teachers I work with I enjoy looking at their classroom displays, many highlighting their own visions and those of their pupils.

I still receive the weekly email from my Loughborough athletics coach Bill each Sunday, standard format each week; starts with a well done/recent race results section, then the weekly training and finally a “something to think about” section. Which often includes some inspiring quotes from famous sporting/non sporting personalities. Here are a few of my favourites;

“It is impossible to be a winner without deep personal courage and hard effort.” Halie Gebrselassie

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T.S. Eliot

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit” Aristotle

But personally even though I love the fighting words, war cries, chest pumped out, head held high about to do battle style inspirational words I also just love the simple “Let’s just chill out and just have fun!”.
This guy has the right idea, Chill out, enjoy.

The last few weeks can be summed up by phrases “Have fun” and “Variety is the Spice of Life”. Four races in the last two week are summarised in pictures.

Jack Bloor Fell race Tues 14th May 
“Don’t worry suz, it’s only like a cross country race” Greg Hull, lying through his teeth…. But it was great fun! (Photos curtesy of Ian Furlong)

Yorkshire Cycle Road Championships,  Sun 19th  May
Half way round lap 2 of penny pot circuit, my whole Left crank and pedal fell off…one legged circling it was until some kind supporters came to my rescue with an Allen key. Never had a DNF, didn’t want to start now, despite being 10 minutes down due to the mechanical. A group of guys lapped me, I hung on to their wheels and got dragged round the final lap, catching a few girls for 12th and 4 points! Well worth not dropping out.
(Photos from British Cycling Photographers. Left the start, Right winning Lady Jessie Walker)

Alba Rosa Crit Races, Dishforth Sat 25th May
Friday evening at 10pm I was round at Richards house getting my still dodgy left crank fixed! Never doubt the Gates mechanics, second time RG has fixed my bike at the 11th hour! All I had left was several plates of sarnies to make for Alba Rosa food stall, race prep finished 1am sat morning. Great turn out of girls for the 1st ever Alba Rosa Crit races, 3rd for me and first prize money of the year and 10 points which means i move up a category, to Cat 3 status. Well done to Adam on completing his first race- two tired and happy cyclists and very successful day for ARCC.
Photo by Timmy Pinder

Wetherby Olympic distance Triathlon Mon 27th May
Fuelled by Adam’s mum’s fantastic roast dinner and a spot of canoeing in Newark on the Sunday, I was ready for the 13 degree river! Great local race, lots of training partners in attendance and great support. 2nd for me, behind the super speedy swimmer Jess Learnmonth (a name to watch). Photo by Simon Deakin

So quite a variety of races, keeps it interesting, fun and at £3 a race, fell races have got to be best value!

Enjoy whatever races and events you all have lined up in the coming weeks


  1. Great read as usual Suz. I love the pics too.

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