Saturday, 12 April 2014

C is for....

noun, informal
1. something done badly or ineffectively
2.Another word for screw up or screwup; to err

"Ah yes number 164, you are not given a position on the result sheet as you were disqualified."
"Disqualified? for what?"
"DQ'd for a racking violation, bike was racked further than 0.5m away from the correct location, it was in 165s space, even spilling into 166. You were issued with a penalty to be taken in the penalty box on the final run loop, you failed to do this so you have been disqualified."

Disqualified at the British Elite Duathalon Championships, now that's a definition of a cock-up!

Photo's courtesy of Adam Connell   and Sue Pugh from Rockingham Race Track, Corby.

So I crossed the line 10th, but was disqualified, bummer.
Despite failing to improve on last years 6th place, 10th was reasonable in a field that was probably of higher quality than last year. Results here, highlights video here.

This got me thinking; what have been my biggest cock-ups? 

At Teach First we hold evening events, whereby a variety of speakers recall their biggest cock-up and the lessons they have learnt. From MPs, entrepreneurs, Head Teachers, business and community leaders, everyone has one or two cock-ups to share.
So here are a few of my highlights (if you can call them that!):

1) New Zealand, bike touring Oct 2012: Ignore signs at your peril...ignorance is not bliss!

2) World Duathlon Champs, Nancy, France 2012: Morning of the race, in transition, realising the 'bit of tacky plastic' in my race bag I had been given the day before, was infact the timing chip and i really should have it on my left ankle and not have thrown it in the bin in my bedroom..... (thank you nice French taxi driver, who thought generously of the speed limit)

3) Loughborough, the undergraduate years "Chunder Mile": Being on this start line.....being back on this start line the following year. At least the second time was after exams, instead of the night before.

I could make a very long list, I will spare you the pain, just browsing my Facebook photos was painful enough, oh the fancy dress, thank you 'friends'! So really when you put it into perspective, what's one more cock-up to add to the list. The road would be boring if it were a straight line....

The spring classics are well underway in Europe, the biggest and most prestigious on day bike races. Here is a great video of the Women's Ron Van Vlaanders, with World Time Trial Champion Ellen Van Dijk taking the win and her team mate and Britian Lizzie Armitstead 2nd.

I reckon Ellen was spurred on, having received a few Strava notifications in recent weeks "Oh no, BigSuz has stolen your QOM" !!!!! lol
One thing is for sure the mountains of Calp are training grounds for champions!

These spring classic videos, are sure to entertain you....

Cheers to all the cock-ups we make, may they enrich our lives and give us the capacity to laugh at ourselves.
Good luck to everyone running the London Marathon tomorrow, one of my highlights has to be watching the tiny Tegla Loroupe romp to victory in 2000. One of my favourite athletes of all time, huge smile, huge personality and helping change the world for the better. Will we see Mo in another unforgettable race?

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