Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bish Bash Bosh London hosts a cracking World Champs

In no particular order, things I learnt during the World Triathlon Championships.

1)    You cannot ride a Boris bike between midnight and 6am. Health and safety must have recognised drunks + bikes= not good combo!
2)   If said Boris Bike is unavailable and you were relying on it to get to a race, at a very early time of day, transport options are limited! Jumping on the back of another bike can be a stellar answer, not so stellar for the riders legs!
3)   Aero helmets are not standard cycle wear, especially cycling down Oxford street.
4)   Oxford Street is not ideal for cycling.
5)   Oxford Street is not ideal for anything, unless you like queues and traffic jams!
6)   You can get around extortionate London Hotel prices by staying in University accommodation, a breakfast fit for a king and a ping pong table, basically an all inclusive resort!
7)   1000s of supporters in Hyde park create an incredible about of noise and support- especially if you are wearing a GB tri suit and have your name plastered across your bum.
8)   If you decided to run Park Run the day before an event as a warm up , you should probably tell the organisers  that you plan to stop after 4km, potential to mess up the result of every runner behind you is very high!
9)   The best deli near Hyde Park can be found in Mayfair, next to the furry Ferrari! Seriously people in Mayfair have furry cars!
10) Only when your bike shoe falls off as your attempting to jump on your bike in T1 you realise you should have done a bit more transition practice! But, you do help add amusement to “carnage corner” as the mount/dismount area became known!

16th/ 77 in 25-29 age group at World Triathlon Championships. Hoping for a top 10 but on reflection the standard this year was considerably higher than previous years, so places maybe don’t give a true reflection of performance.  This is how the break down looks and a comparison to the winners time.

My time
Winners time
difference between winner time and my time
Swim (shortened to 750m due to water temperature)

Bike 40km

Run 10km

I gave it everything in the race, the athletes that beat me, were better than me on that day, fair enough. The fields were full of classy athletes, incredible to see so many age group athletes recording faster bike and run splits than those in the elite race!

Nice to be able to travel to a championship, on the train with your bike and backpack
Lifts were a little tricky to negotiate, especially when your room was on the 8th floor!

A huge thanks to everyone who came to support, I heard your voices loud and clear and when the legs started to tire in the last few kilometres your yells of encouragement helped me keep pushing onwards. Tanner, Drew, Team DB Sam a big thank you and great to catch up post race, Bex and Herne Hill massif, You truly have  fog horn voices! loud and clear I heard you on the bridge! Alison thanks for the yell and Seonaid your shout of “This is what you train for” on the last lap of the run really did help, cheers guys.

Bike Transition in the early hours, synonymous with race day, happy to not be doing this for a while

As they say, that’s a wrap, the 2013 season is all over. Time to rest my weary body and mind and think about the 2014 season.

Good luck to anyone still racing and for everyone who has finished their season have a well deserved break.

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